About Us

We are Certified Utah Bookkeepers and Accountants. Professional Accounting Solutions provides outsourced Management Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services for small businesses with 50 employees or less.   As Profit Experts and Certified Professional Bookkeepers, we teach companies how to convert their businesses into profitable entities in 90 days or less. Professional Accounting Solutions was founded in 2004 and has serviced more than 300 businesses in a variety of industries in Utah.  We also support companies  throughout the United States.

We provide accounting advice and support in a variety of areas including: cash flow management, improving margins and percentages, increasing financial returns on investments, tracking and managing financial ratios, trends, pricing, bids, employee performance and creating profitable solutions to everyday challenges.

The customized solutions we provide for our clients makes us unique in our industry.  Our clients choose us because of the results we produce for their businesses on a monthly basis, not just for counting beans.  The additional support we provide has impacted the financial success of their businesses. Because of these results, our company has stayed in business nearly 100% through word-of-mouth referrals since 2004. See what our clients have to say.

Professional Accounting Solutions has now assisted and supported more that 300 companies in multiple industries in Utah and several outside the State of Utah.  Professional Accounting Solutions can support businesses throughout the world as long as they have access to the internet.

Our executive team has spoken and hosted several events including one with renowned keynote speaker Alan E. Hall, the founder of GrowAmerica, Grow Utah Ventures, Mercato Partners, and founder, chairman and former CEO of MarketStar Corporation.

Professional Accounting Solutions is now located in Lehi, Utah next to Adobe, and Microsoft by the Thanksgiving Point exit just off of I-15.


Shannon Beck, President of Professional Accounting Solutions, Inc.  Shannon is a Management Accountant and a Certified Professional Bookkeeper. Shannon graduated from Brigham Young University and founded his company in 2004.  He has a deep passion for the healthy financial growth of small businesses in Utah and has served as an official judge for Grow America who funds and supports small business entrepreneurs. He has been invited to speak at several business events over the years. Shannon has eleven years of accounting experience and 17 years of business management, digital marketing, advertising, and business consulting experience. He has assisted more than 300 small to medium size businesses since 2004. Shannon enjoys outdoor recreational activities, hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, boating, horseback riding, traveling, and spending time with his family and friends.

Tina Beck, Co-Founder and CFO of Professional Accounting Solutions, Inc. She loves working with small to medium size businesses. She is a Cost Accountant, a Management Accountant, a Certified Professional Bookkeeper, a Business Consultant, and a QuickBooks Pro Adviser. Tina graduated from Utah Valley University in Accounting with High Honors. Tina was on the Deans List and Honor Roll with a near 4.0 GPA in accounting. Tina has been invited to speak at several events since 2004 and has 17 years of accounting and consulting experience working with more than 300 small to medium size businesses. Tina is a bit of a health nut as well. She enjoys exercising, cooking, nutrition and energy healing. She also loves rollerblading, hiking, outdoor recreational activities, swimming, playing with her kids, watching comedies or plays, and spending time with friends and family.