“We hired Tina and Shannon Beck at Professional Accounting Solutions about a month ago to help us clean up the books of a business we had just purchased. I realized I was spending my time buried in the minutia of bookkeeping and QuickBooks and very little time on improving my business. They have changed all of that giving me the time to focus on strategy while at the same time giving us their expert opinion on cash flow and accounting issues.”

James McDougal Light Touch Medical Skin Care Center

“I have been very impressed with Shannon’s work at Professional Accounting Solutions. We have counted on Shannon’s managerial accounting expertise to help guide our small business. I attribute our ongoing success to the accounting services provided By Shannon and his company. If you are looking for some guidance in the accounting aspect of your business, I highly recommend Shannon and Professional Accounting Solutions.”

Clayton P. Hartog Light Touch Medical Skin Care Center

“Professional Accounting Solutions is a very important member of our team. I say ‘team’ because they know us all by name and face — we’re not just a number to them. They work closely with us to make sure all our needs are met, even if they are random things such as last minute checks or meetings.

Professional Accounting Solutions has been able to adapt to any special needs we may have through solutions tailored to our business. Their work is always precise, professional, and on time. I would recommend them to any company.”

Jen The Great Life Foundation

“When we lost our bookkeeper, I did not know anyone trustworthy or competent enough to handle my bookkeeping as it is quite complicated and very active. I tried to manage all the transactions, accounts, and payroll myself with very little success—I found myself frustrated as I could not keep records correctly, I felt unproductive, and my business began to suffer.

Professional Accounting Solutions has saved both my company and I time and money. My first and every meeting with Professional Accounting Solutions builds new levels of trust and credibility as they express competency through action. They have become a valuable partner in my company and I could not perform to my fullest potential without them. Thank you Professional Accounting Solutions.”

Matt Utah Investement Services

“I’ve used other accounting and consulting firms in the past that I paid large sums of money for and didn’t get much in return. Professional Accounting Solutions helped turn my business around using systems that were made just for my company.

In my opinion, if you’re in the construction industry, Professional Accounting Solutions is the best choice; they provided real results when I needed it. They have paid for themselves at least three times over and are a great asset to my company.”

Max Air Express Heating and Air Conditioning

“Professional Accounting Solutions is a rare breed for two reasons:
1. You return all phone calls and e-mails promptly, even if the news is bad.  I’m amazed at how many businesses do not have the courtesy to even answer a call or e-mail.     2. You keep your promises.  Every time you said you would get back to me or send me what I needed, your actions matched your promise.  Thanks again.”

Peter Brooks Advertising

“Professional Accounting Solutions is excellent to work with and very professional.  They were able to show me where the leaks in my company were, and what I needed to Step It Up ™.  Within a few months, I was able to completely turn around my financial situation, and achieve a higher level of success much faster than I ever expected.”

Lisa Step It Up Queen

“Professional Accounting Solutions has stopped me from receiving more gray hairs over my balance sheet or taxes at the end of the year. With knowing my financials are always up-to-date, I can focus on creating more business and focus on what I know best. The best part is that I am not left in the dark month after month. There is a review that is done each month with me to see the business trends, if I am taking the right steps in growing my business, and if it is profitable. Professional Accounting Solutions has made my life much easier and provided peace of mind in my finances.”

-Steve DC, Accident and Injury Chiropractic

Steve DC Accident and Injury Chiropractic